All of our data is GONE!

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Пре 6 година

We experienced a MASSIVE RAID failure on Whonnock server and lost a crapload of data. Can we get it back?
Rackspace has your Dedicated Environments covered. Head over to to learn more!
Data recovery done by , thanks for the help!!
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Mejakoba Пре годину
Love how he calls tech support and he's like:
Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom
Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom
This still beats all reality shows I've ever seen on TV. The suspense is real!
Activate Windows
Activate Windows Пре годину
"This is why it is a good idea to call tech support, because the second you call them, you will solve the problem on your own."
Michael Bretall
Michael Bretall Пре годину
"NONE. of. it." Damn, there was some genuine venom in that sentence 👀
carnage frenzy
carnage frenzy Пре годину
All time favorite LTT line: “Reality TV ain’t got nothing on IT work”😂😂
Streax Пре годину
You Only Liao Once hits different now because of his sign Live Laugh Liao
TrooperMaple Пре 2 године
"How do you fix a server?"
D1SCORD Пре годину
"...A thousand dollars in rental equipment"
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala Пре годину
Skinny Kid
Skinny Kid Пре годину
He handled this like the perfect boss
Mathew Zacharia
Mathew Zacharia Пре годину
Linus's emotions matched mine when my first pc didn't boot up.
Terry Catboy~
Terry Catboy~ Пре годину
It's so funny to watch this years after it happend, look at how empty the server room was back then :'D
Shufty Пре 2 године
I've been working in IT for 15 years and I can relate to the emotional rollercoaster he's experiencing.
Corristo89 Пре годину
June3rd_OW Пре годину
This felt like a reality tech tv-show episode. At the end I was expecting to hear a narrator say "Next time on Linus's servers, see how linus and the team tackles the problem of ..."
BluntSlapp Пре годину
I love how the server beeps every couple of seconds, like its on fucking life support LMAO
I watch this about once a year to keep my backup practices sharp.
Fodor Benedek
Fodor Benedek Пре годину
This is accidentally one of your best videos. I love watching the behind the scenes stuff way more than the actual content :D
Derek Roberts
Derek Roberts Пре 3 године
"We should physically print all of our videos, every frame... on paper..."
DrumAndBassFreak Пре годину
Why do we need SO MANY SERVERS??
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