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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Пре годину

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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips Пре годину
Thanks for watching! If anyone wants to try building one of these beasts, below are links to parts that we used:
ALAO Alexis Gene Q.
ALAO Alexis Gene Q. Пре годину
I love watching people building computers i can’t afford
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor Пре годину
"As soon as you build a computer for someone, they will come to you with every stupid little thing with it"
Olive Пре годину
He has more graphics cards here then I’ll ever see in my life
Kevbro Пре годину
Props to the cameraman standing there for 4 hours straight
The Banana Republic
The Banana Republic Пре годину
I love how Intel sponsors him even though he shits on them constantly
jpaugh64 Пре годину
I want to see Linus build a system blindfolded almost as badly as I want to see a newb struggle with it --- like I did two weeks ago. Not a fair competition by any means; but it'd so fun to watch!
Eugene Vaticinator
Eugene Vaticinator Пре годину
When you delegate to your team and they Delegate it back to you.
Immortal SoFar
Immortal SoFar Пре годину
I've build every computer I've owned since my 80286 and I can't say I really like it. Since I only do my own, its so infrequent that every single time there's a new kind of plug, socket or adaptor. By the time I've got a new motherboard, CPU and current-gen memory, the remaining bits are so cheap now that it's barely worth re-using so I end up getting all new stuff anyway.
Doomguy360 Пре годину
“24 cores seems like a decent middle ground, and to upgrade in the future”
Korgan777 Пре годину
When I was in college back in 2001 I had an A+ course that had us designing a workstation to be mass produced for a fictional company by yourself. Everyone was creating these elaborate systems that would have been considered game rigs back then but I felt those where about as good as Mario's Green pipe dreams. Dell was new back then and had that commercial, which if you are of a certain generation, I'm sure you can hear it in your head now so as a semi-serious joke I decided to go Ben Curtis on the professor and configure the systems online, printed off the would be order with the report and put a boarder around it just barely legible font size reading "Dude you're getting a DELL" so many times around it that it looked like an artistic design. To say the least, I passed and that professor liked me in every course I took of his.
Uncle Tech Time
Uncle Tech Time Пре годину
I love building too. I build, then sell strictly for the money to do another build. Maybe $10-50 profit sometimes, but it's left plenty of people who were in a tight spot with a PC they needed, especially when they cannot afford the $1000+ systems being sold by others around town.
You can really tell Linus is in boss mode the whole stream.
nihanw Пре годину
*When linus was a baby
Lukaroast Пре годину
Awesome stream Linus! I wish I caught it in person, but i just wanna say its so refreshing how awesome LTT is as a company. Keep up the stellar work man, you are one of the very very few people i've had pipe dreams about working for.
Kent Stricker
Kent Stricker Пре годину
Love the passion in your videos. I would love to work with you guys. Hoping for the inventory position
I love watching people build computers I can’t afford at times I can’t match
Andrew R
Andrew R Пре годину
I would love to see a video where he puts Linux in a partition on each machine and builds a 6-way hybrid (CPU/GPU) cluster. With that killer 10GigE network, latency should be minimal. Do some parallel render jobs on Blender or something. Even Linpack benchmarks would be cool. You could also do all the Linux stuff in WSL on Windows, but let's be fair and do it native... Check out
chris roberts
chris roberts Пре 2 сата
The Main thing I saw with PSUs in computer cases has been that they shrank the size of them. In my old AT style case the PSU was 250 watts and was about the same size as 3 modern PSUs stacked on top of eachother. That was in a full tower case. The big change I saw with PSUs was when they went to Modular design. This really made cable management possible. Now you didn't have this rats nest of cables going everywhere on the components. There is something else that has changed between 2014 and 2022 and that is the extra 4 pin connector on the motherboard. I had an Asus Z97-AR motherboard and it had the ATX 24 pin connector as well as the 8 pin connector for the Motherboard power. My Asus Z690 Prime -P Motherboard has another 4 pin connector on it as well.
GoodGamer3000 Пре годину
Intel: Hey, Linus, you want us to send over some CPUs for your new workstations?
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