Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! - Velkase Velka 3

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Пре 2 године

Get the Anker PowerPort Atom Slim on Amazon at ankerfast.club/3tU0ee4 or check out their main website ankerfast.club/3hI5Ci5 for more great products.
We build what might be our SMALLEST custom gaming PC ever, in the new Velkase VK3 / Velka 3.
Buy a Velkase: On their site: www.velkase.com/products/velka-3
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Aublak Пре 2 године
I'd imagine that Linus randomly advertises LTTstore to his kids at this point.
Chandler Пре 2 године
For gamers, silence isn't such a big deal when you have a blaring headset on that outdoes the sound of everything around you.
pointless.company Пре годину
When the “1600W power supply” is actually an entirely standalone pc.
Kronaz Music
Kronaz Music Пре годину
“if there’s a weird thing that almost no one could possibly want, silverstone probably makes it.” is my favorite quote
Clint Flippo
Clint Flippo Пре годину
"Lets say your parents are split up and you're depressed and still dealing with the trauma of a broken home....THIS IS GREAT FOR THAT"
Matt Beltrami
Matt Beltrami Пре годину
When you realise this tiny ass computer is more expensive and runs better than your full sized one😂
Lashan Пре годину
As someone who moves around a lot from country to country and stubbornly lugs their full size desktop PC around, I need this.
CatPoint Пре 2 године
Me at the start: I should try building a small PC.
AdromedaWasn'tTaken Пре годину
linus: "i am a smart computer guy take my tips and buy my merch"
This is definitely one of my favourite builds on this channel, if not my favourite. I just like how everything fits together and just how dense it is, and how there are basically no gaps in there.
Cars with Ed !
Cars with Ed ! Пре годину
Linus: this is so loud
TripledVirus Пре годину
I actually laughed when he said "its time for cable management"
k moods
k moods Пре годину
I have one of the old Asrock M8 chassis, and that was a pretty tight and tedious build back then (full sized graphics card). That case also came with 4 case fans at like 80mm or something... I ended up removing all 4 case fans. The system runs cooler and quieter without them. I suspect the same would be the case for this. Because it is so small, the CPU cooler and GPU cooler will probably perform better on their own without interferance from fans blowing in odd directions.
Toni Ivanov
Toni Ivanov Пре 2 године
The Verge: Dont let your PSU touch your case, IT WILL SHORT CIRCUIT!
Adam El Meziane
Adam El Meziane Пре годину
You know you've made something completely out of this world when even Linus is worried about handling it and calls it crazy every 2 secondes
Malfaro Arevalo
Malfaro Arevalo Пре годину
it's so nice to see a profesional struggle at an ITX build, i did it as a first comp a few years back and it where many more hours haha, really good vid!
i absolutely love extremely compact stuff like this. please do more
Much Good
Much Good Пре годину
Really want Linus to revisit this. Would love to see how he could improve this
23_rainbow Пре годину
the motto for this case should be "for the kid who's fault it is mom and dad don't love each other anymore"
Fraelite YT
Fraelite YT Пре годину
FINALLY... a Ryzen Mini PC!
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