Please dont make me buy an xbox

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Пре 12 дана

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At the new house, we found a big problem! How can we be able to play Xbox and PC games in multiple parts of the house without having to buy multiples of them. Today we find out.
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unchartedchartz Пре дан
linus is on a quest to make sure that the technology in his house is as hard to use as possible
EposVox Пре дан
HDMI Matrix boxes are cheaper than giant receivers for those watching at home! I am confused how you expect controllers to reach.
Aaron Haag
Aaron Haag Пре дан
At the end of the day, despite all his accomplishments and years spent studying tech of all kinds Linus is just like the rest of us; spending an entire afternoon to make his TV and AV boxes work
Greg Baker
Greg Baker Пре 14 сати
I love that the house project has an incredibly high complexity and cost factor that is completely justified because it can be used for content.
Igor Britto
Igor Britto Пре дан
Cant belive linus made a workaround so expensive and complicated that actually made me go like "maybe streaming is a better solution here"
Alzorath Пре дан
As a retro nerd, my brain immediately went, "why not make under the stairs a gaming hub for all the consoles so you can swap discs?" - before I reminded myself most modern systems are mostly digital media lol.
Mireaze Пре дан
I love watching linus and his husband working on their new house
JRockThumper Пре дан
Linus: I don’t wanna spend another 1000 on two more Xbox. I wanna spend $6000 on a cool tech gadget that… means that even though the Xbox is in three rooms only one person can be on it at a time…
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher Пре дан
I looked in to an option like this, so I could let people play xbox in any room - but then I realised my kids just fight like mad over "whose turn it is" so this doesn't actually solve my real problem (fighting kids).
Chase The Hype
Chase The Hype Пре дан
“The Tech Adventures of Jake and Linus”
Mark Berberoglu
Mark Berberoglu Пре сат
Someone please introduce LTT to some modern AV Distribution gear. 99% of these ideas could be achieved with a proper Crestron system. Then again, we wouldn't get all this juicy video content AND the majority of the population would be unable to afford it.
MrRom92DAW Пре 16 сати
I have a feeling the controller reach is going to be an issue. They will “work” but controls will be laggy or intermittent and it just takes one missed turn in Mario kart for it to all go very wrong
Teemuffin Пре дан
Linus: I don't want to waste money buying duplicates of each console
The_Jerbearz Пре дан
This is a great video because this is actually what I do for a living and it made me realize I'm actually good at my job
persona2grata Пре дан
When you're spending $5k on receivers, this seems like a lot of work to avoid buying another Xbox or two. Am I missing something?
LelouBil Пре 21 сат
You can do a ton of stuff with VoiceMeeter, you can send audio via the network, or do custom macros for your audio. There also are versions with lots of available ports. Watch out for multi channel audio though, it works but can be tricky to setup properly
Scott Heckingbottom
Scott Heckingbottom Пре дан
Now you need to have Jake or someone dive into Home Assistant and setup some IR blasters in each room, and some automations to make switching inputs etc to single button press. Add some wall mount tablets, one for each room and bam easy user interface.
Vic Vergalito
Vic Vergalito Пре 9 сати
Watching Linus' house videos makes my brain turn to liquid but I love it. I want a full on tour when its done. Like 6 hours video explaining it all
RKcuddles Пре дан
I like how instead of a laptop, y’all have an open fragile test bench sitting there totally vulnerable to Linus’ madness
Riley Monthule
Riley Monthule Пре 21 сат
Linus-“I don’t want to spend the money to put consoles in every room”
I Treated myself to something EXTRAVAGANT
Linus Tech Tips
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This was ROUGH... I can’t wait to do it again!
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