Who has the Best PC at LTT??

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Пре 2 године

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this video! Check out their content about the benefits of pre-built vs custom PCs, and many other topics, at www.intel.com/builtvscustom
Who has the best PC setup at LMG? These guys compete for Cash and Hardware!
Buy an Intel i9-9900K CPU: geni.us/jk3E
Buy an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Motherboard: geni.us/3j4F6
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ArcaNe Пре годину
Rest In Peace Tyler.He seemed like a great guy.Really liked him from what I saw in this video
Andre Adamson
Andre Adamson Пре годину
watching this again after hearing about tyler's passing. He was such a unique guy. I especially liked the list of fictitious people he was writing to for the short story; in particular "to the other members of this Mexican stand-off..." . That sentence told me so much about how his mind works. Also, seeing his interests and talents gives me a sense of who he was. it hurts to know that those who actually knew him no longer have him in their lives. this is truly a loss, and i am sorry.
Tacko Пре годину
Tyler was so wholesome, he was so calm and happy when you inspected his setup.
A very good boy
A very good boy
I love how Linus just breaks into these poor peoples houses and starts critiqueing everything about their house
Deren Devrimol
Deren Devrimol Пре годину
We didn't know it at the time. But this was the last time we would see Tyler in a video or ever for most of us. RIP Tyler and thoughts and prayers with Tyler's and LTT Family ❤
jayzo_sayers Пре 2 године
This series seems to be a ruse for Linus to find out who's been stealing company property.
Param Patil
Param Patil Пре годину
I've come here after the announcement of Tyler's passing. This is the video that I first acknowledged Tyler in my 2 years of watching LTT and boy was this a good video. To Tyler's family, I'm deeply sorry for your loss and I hope it gets better. Tyler was truly a genuine and interesting man, may he rest in peace.
Hopeless Clips
Hopeless Clips Пре годину
I hope Tyler has miniatures to paint in the afterlife.
A 7 C
A 7 C
I love how Linus and the crew help each other out. Yall seem like such kind friends to each other. Im very late, but this is one of my first videos from LTT. I just went through the comments and I just want to say I’m so very sorry for the loss of Tyler. He seemed like a really stand up/creative guy. Praying for the LTT crew, much love ❤️
God.mp4 Пре годину
Cant believe we had to lose a man with so much talent in this point of time, we're gonna miss you Tyler. May you rest in piece.
Your Father
Your Father
watching this makes me wanna actually cry he was so wholesome throughout it
Kristian Braun
Kristian Braun Пре 2 године
Now we need an episode where everyone raids linus’s home and heckles him
LeRhap Пре годину
"I enjoy coke...." May his soul rest with the big guy. RIP
Miblizzard Пре годину
Thank you Tyler for everything you've done to help make these LTT Videos, we will miss you prayers to his Family. 🙏
8thduck Пре годину
Im happy to see that Tyler at least got to play the outer worlds before he passed, rest in peace Tyler, i didnt know you, but you very much seemed like a fun person to know
Metallus Melandril
Metallus Melandril Пре годину
RIP Tyler!
ChinupOfficial Пре годину
Very new to ltt. Watched this video. Absolutely loved everything about tyler with the board games and the figures and still managing to have a baller setup. Didn't even know he passed until just yesterday which is really sad to hear. Rest in peace gamer.
Jacob Mead
Jacob Mead Пре 2 године
Dear Linus, never pull a lone sock from under a man's bed with your bare hands.
Darryl Jack
Darryl Jack Пре годину
I didnt even know Tyler passed, i was just rewatching this video and saw the comments.
WAUZZZtronic Пре годину
Absolutely heartbreaking to hear Tyler talk about building this rig for the next 2-3 years. I hope he found peace.
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