Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Пре 3 године

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Activate Windows. A surprisingly frequent appearance on Linus Tech Tips. But why would we pirate Windows? Will Microsoft sue us?
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Коментара: 25 616
Shri S
Shri S Пре 2 године
Someone: Changes pc case.
rappatic Пре годину
It’s not “pirating” Windows if it’s literally allowed to use Windows unlicensed
L3eh123 Пре годину
The way Linus introduces his sponsors makes me feel like I'm living in the Truman show.
AA-17-Phạm Trọng Minh Khôi
AA-17-Phạm Trọng Minh Khôi
Basically it's like this:
Pieteek Пре годину
Linus: We don't activate Windows, because it's gonna be broken after hardware changes again
Microsoft: "Please activate windows"
JKitSme Пре 2 године
Everyone: Activate windows!
Mein Liebe
Mein Liebe Пре годину
People treat piracy like a trash, but scoop on them whenever they need it
Tree's Company
Tree's Company
What this boils down to is Windows is trying to solve Theseus's ship and Linus is paying for their answer
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan
"Why does Linux pirate Windows" - That's what I read
Boat. Пре годину
Even if linus does an Apology video it would still be Sponsord
I really don’t get why, but this is one of my favourite LTT videos. The pent up passive aggression, probably, it’s just timeless.
ghkbftuvut Пре 2 године
Crosshead Пре годину
I don't think I've ever seen someone pull a sponsor out of their ass better than Linus. I swear he just pulls them from out of a magical hat at the most unexpected moments.
Christopher Horner vlogs
Christopher Horner vlogs
This vid literally showed me how to re activate windows for my new hardware. Cheers Linus.
Forum Arcade
Forum Arcade
Same thing happened to me. Some tech who was working on my PC installed the power supply BACKWARDS, so it was basically blasting hot air onto a lot of sensitive components. It actually worked for several months until it... Didn't. Motherboard was fried. Had to replace it, and so my Windows deactivated.
A Fishy Nado
A Fishy Nado
The harder software firms make it to be legit, the more it drives people to piracy.
Computer user:
Gabriel87100 Пре 2 године
I love how every thing he tried to show failed. Just because he was recording it. Just like when you want show someone an issue that happens with you but it never happens when there's another person near you. lmao
Daniel Пре годину
Linus: Buying cheap activation keys are still piracy and violates the terms, dont do it
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